The International Society for the Study and Exchange of evidence from Clinical research And Medical experience is a non for profit, multidisciplinary, scientific association, with following objectives:

  • Leading, creating, gathering and exchanging relevant information and knowledge, facilitating appropriate and informed clinical decision making
  • The creation of an international platform dedicated to the development of innovative ways for studying and monitoring clinical decision behaviour
  • The promotion of the exchange of results through local and international meetings as well as online knowledge and learning resources
  • The collaboration with industrial organisations and governmental organisations in order to develop and promote appropriate adoption of new technologies in serious diseases
  • The creation of innovative and efficient educational formats for improving informed clinical decision making
  • The stimulation of contacts and exchange of information with other scientific organisations
  • To develop, conduct and coordinate clinical research in serious urological conditions
Breaking boundaries in CME and research
  • Empathic
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Progressive
  • Open community
  • Friendship
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Vision and Mission


With an increasing workload in daily practice and decreasing time available, it becomes harder for healthcare professionals to attend time-consuming congresses and meetings, to keep up-to-date with all new scientific data, to filter the information and apply the evidence in clinical practice in order to improve patient outcomes.

Due to the continuously increasing and fast evolving knowledge base, Continuous Medical Education (CME) is becoming more and more important, while related evaluation and accreditation is getting more regulated and stringent. ISSECAM wants to develop unique CME, addressing unmet needs of healthcare professionals at both a disease-specific and patient-specific level. The CME programmes, both online and offline, should offer high return [credits, learning satisfaction] on time investment.

Although randomized controlled trials (RCTs) represent the highest level of scientific evidence for making clinical decisions (highest internal validity), unfortunately they often are not available for patient populations seen in daily practice (low external validity). Therefore the exploitation of real life patient databases (high external validity) is instrumental in defining the key hypotheses to be tested in RCTs and to identify patient cohorts benefiting most from new treatments/technologies. ISSECAM will focus on developing and maintaining real life patient databases enabling to explore crucial research questions and hypotheses, to provide answers in patient stratifications and towards individual patient decisions.


ISSECAM wants to address the future needs of CME and clinical research in serious urological diseases.

ISSECAM is organised into committees to carry out their mission. The first three committees active are:

  1. The genitourinary oncology CME committee (GU-oncology CME)
  2. The genitourinary oncology research committee (EMPaCT)
  3. The lower urinary tract dysfunction CME committee (LUTD CME)
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Search, download and share slides covering abstracts with the highest importance for clinical practice, presented at main urological/urogynaecological congresses enriched by clinical impact rating.

The Global Congress on Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction brings together top experts and delegates for in-depth discussions on lower urinary tract disorders, with a strong focus on clinical decision making.

The Global Congress on Prostate Cancer brings together top experts and delegates for in-depth discussions on prostate cancer, with a strong focus on clinical decision making.

The EMPaCT group, a multidisciplinary and international network of high volume, high quality centers, has a database of > 5800 high-risk PCa patients treated with radical prostatectomy and are actively involved in retrospective and prospective research to answer open questions in the field of PCa.

Search, download and share slides covering abstracts with the highest importance for clinical practice, presented at main GU congresses enriched by clinical impact rating.

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