Leadership - ISSECAM


ISSECAM is managed by an international group of specialists with a passion for continuing professional development.

A multidisciplinary approach is key in the creation of all our educational journeys.

Martin Michel

New technology

Focus on quality

Engaging with ISSECAM educational journeys should enable healthcare professionals to quickly integrate new evidence into clinical practice.

Bertrand Tombal

We are more and more challenged to stay up-to-date with new emerging data impacting our daily practice. Implementing these new insights is not easy: taking the right decisions, avoiding over- and underuse, continuously improving appropriate patient management are some of the challenges we face every day. ISSECAM can play an important role in accelerating the adoption of evidence into daily practice and remedying variations from best practice.

Mark Speakman & Jaan Toelen

Target multiple disease areas

Focus on relevant topics

Our initial educational journeys relate to genitourinary cancers and urological diseases. We are currently in the phase of identifying the most relevant topics in multiple disease areas.